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These are the colors that define us

our editing styles.png

romantically beautiful

Warm and Golden

colors that will make you fall in love

This is one of the photography styles that our clients absolutely love! The warm colors will naturally make your photos feel more romantic and the warm colors and tones remind you of beautiful sunsets all while giving you a nostalgic feeling.

This color style is perfect for outdoor settings, sunsets, and locations will autumn colors!

Light and Airy.png

Simplicity is Beautiful

A true classic! If simplicity and timeless elegance are what you envision for your wedding day then this is the perfect color palette for you! We typically edit our colors this way when there is lots of light to work with. This is perfect for backgrounds/settings with lots of greens and whites. We typically use this editing style for bright settings such as early evening time.


"Every image is more than just a photo
It is a story captured in 
a moment in time"


Stand out! Whether it's your big wedding day, proposal, engagement, college graduation, etc, you want to show yourself off to the world! Want to make your friends and families jaw drop?


This is our signature style that pushes the limits of our photography skills and capabilities. Through the use of different lighting and composition techniques, we will make your photos seem like the cover for a magazine or movie. We want to make your photos stand out from everyone else's. 

let's make some memories

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