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How to Pose for Your Wedding or Engagement Photos

For many people, their engagement photoshoot is the first time they've had their photos professionally taken. With that in mind, it's okay to be nervous! Unless you're a professional model, not used to having a camera pointed at you for hours at a time. Here are a few tips on how to look your best for wedding and engagement!

1. Tell Your Photographer Your Best Side

I know many people who prefer to take photos on a certain side. Whether it be because of your hair part or you have a cute dimple on one side, make sure to let your photographer know. Don't know which side is your preferred side? Pull out your phone and take a selfie! Pay attention to which side you naturally turn to.

2. Look at your Partner in the Eyes

One trick I always tell my clients is to stare at their partner's eyes for as long as they can without laughing. This is a neat little trick because the harder you try, the more you laugh! Natural smiles and laughter always look beautiful in photos.

3. Posture, Posture, Posture

Stand up straight, keep your shoulder blades tucked together, and stand with confidence! Great posture will not only make you look your best but will make you feel more energetic and confident.

4. Keep your Arms Away from Your Body

If your arms are pressed against your body, it will make you look wider in photos and nobody wants that! Pose your arms away from your body and this will make you look thinner while making your body look curvy. Put your hand on your hip or place them somewhere on your partner's body in a pose.

5. Chin Up!

The dreaded double chin! When posing, it's okay to angle your chin down but make sure to not angle it down too much. Here's a tip. Look straight from where your head is pointed and if you can see your toes in your peripheral vision, your chin is too low! Another tip is to keep your tongue pressed against the top of your mouth. This will make your neck look longer and your chin smaller!

6. Talk to Your Partner During Poses

Things can start to feel a little awkward if you're just staring blankly at your partner for minutes at a time. Strike a conversation to keep you preoccupied as your photographer as taking photos. Talk about your first date or what you want to eat for lunch/dinner later. Maybe tell a funny story to make your partner laugh because the more smiles, the better!

7. Have Fun and Relax!

If you feel like you're starting to get a little tired or awkward from all the posing, try doing some dynamic shots! Take your partner's hand and go for a romantic walk, or if you're feeling a little energetic, a candid jog! Carry your partner, make silly faces, jump into their arms, remember that you're not stuck to static poses. Candid photos capture you at your most natural moments!


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