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From a Vietnamese Tea Ceremony to a Wedding Reception at The Villa in Westminster, Orange County

Updated: Jun 14


MyChau and Jason's beautiful wedding was full of unforgettable moments and special traditions. The happy couple honored their backgrounds with a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony, followed by an intimate first look, then a beautiful Catholic wedding ceremony at Saint Barbara Catholic Church, and ended the day with a fun wedding reception at The Villa, a Spanish-Mediterranean inspired venue in Westminster, Orange County, California.

Wedding Details

Each and every detail for MyChau and Jason's special day looked terrific. Lovely details for a lovely wedding.

Getting Ready with the beautiful Bride

MyChau shared some special moments with her loved ones as she got ready to say "I do". Everyone looked amazing!

The Tea Ceremony (or Vu Quy)

A traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony (or Vu Quy) is held on the morning of the wedding day. The groom and his groomsmen visit the bride's home to offer gifts to the bride and her family. Some gifts offered include delicious food, liquor, and jewelry. The couple presents tea to both set of parents and the elders show their acceptance of the marriage by drinking the tea. The tea ceremony is important in Vietnamese culture because marriage is not only seen as a union of two people, but also the union of two families. Both MyChau and Jason's families were trilled to be uniting as one family.

First Look

Before MyChau and Jason's ceremony at Saint Barbara Catholic Church, they shared an intimate and special first look reveal. Their reactions and smiles for each other were priceless.

A Catholic Church Wedding Ceremony

There are several reasons why it is important for Catholics to get married in the Catholic Church. One major reason is it is believed that there is a special strength and bond that is created when a couple gets married in the Catholic Church. Saint Barbara Catholic Church held a beautiful wedding ceremony for the lovely couple, MyChau and Jason.

Exchanging Rings and Kisses

The moment where they officially became husband and wife! What a special wedding ceremony.

Introducing the Newly Weds

Cheers to MyChau and Jason! To a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Intimate Romantic Photo Shoot

Now onto the wedding reception at The Villa! Before a night of partying and dancing, MyChau and Jason shared some very special moments together on the dance floor. Loving how simple and sweet this wedding photo shoot turned out.

Wedding Party Goals

The love and excitement from MyChau and Jason's wedding party was amazing! Everyone deserves this great of a wedding party when they get married.

The Bride and her Bridesmaids

The Bride looked incredible with her beautiful bridesmaids. The mismatch style bridesmaid dresses were such a fun way to add unique touch to the bridal party.

The Groom and his Groomsmen

The Groom and his groomsmen were suited up and ready to go. Having friends who lift you up like this makes life so much better.