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Unforgettable Wedding at The Hacienda in Santa Ana

Updated: Apr 29


The Wedding of Elizabeth & George at The Hacienda

Cheers to Elizabeth & George! These two love birds share such a special love. It was a true pleasure to help them document their precious wedding memories. From beautiful portraits and candids, to a heartfelt wedding video, and fun photobooth pictures -- this was an unforgettable celebration and we are so excited to share some highlights!

First touch wedding reaction with Bride and Groom shot by Paper Birch Collective, Orange County Wedding Photography and Videography team in SoCal

First Touch at Noguchi Garden

📍 611 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Before the ceremony, Elizabeth & George shared an intimate first touch at Noguchi Garden in Costa Mesa, which is a quaint public sculpture garden that represents the many geological characteristics throughout California. It was so touching to witness the calming of nerves as soon as they touched hands and exchanged heartwarming words. It was also exciting to see Elizabeth waited for George with her eyes closed as 2 groomsmen helped guide George in his blindfolds. Even with just a simple touch, you could feel the love and magic between them. What a beautiful moment! A "first touch" is perfect for couples who wish to go with tradition of no visual contact before walking down the aisle. It is also a great way to bond and calm the nerves before the wedding begins.

If you are on the fence about a first look or first touch, read our blog below!

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Wedding Ceremony at The Hacienda

Elizabeth & George's evening wedding ceremony at The Hacienda was full of love & romance. The live music from their very own loved ones was a beautiful touch of elegance, making this dreamy ceremony unforgettable. The red-brick indoor courtyard with lush greenery, warm string lights, and ivy draped on the wooden beams are just a few of the gorgeous features here. Elizabeth & George stood together hand in hand uniting their special bond, surrounded by their closest loved ones. They shared laughs, tears, and special unity traditions with both their parents and as two. Each and every moment of this ceremony was beautiful!

The Hacienda Wedding Ceremony grand exit in Santa Ana shot by Paper Birch Collective, California Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Romantic Newly Wed Portraits at The Hacienda

Just like their Engagement session, these newly wed portraits of Elizabeth & George scream love and joy. The chemistry and deep love between these two is magically electric. It was such a joy to capture the pure love that they share for one another. Love is the best! Nothing like that just married feeling!

Cheers to Elizabeth & George!

Featuring the coolest wedding party, Elizabeth & George cheer "woooohoooo" after a romantic ceremony and before their fun-filled reception party starts.

Group wedding party photo at The Hacienda Wedding in Santa Ana shot by Paper Birch Collective, California Wedding Photographer in Orange County

Wedding Reception at The Hacienda

From the mariachis, DJ, emotional speeches, unique LEGO decor/gifts, and contagious joy - this wedding reception was nonstop fun! Peep the lovely welcome sign featuring a photo from their Engagement photoshoot. Elizabeth & George surely know how to get a party started; their grand entrance had everyone cheering with joy!

Emotional Toasts, Cake Cutting, & Dancing!

Can you spot the LEGO blue roses? George hand built each of the blue roses from LEGO pieces! There's the LEGO boutonnieres for him and his groomsmen, on their cake, and scattered in the floral pieces on each table. Plus, they look so real! The guests (including us) loved this unique decor because it reflects George's hobby and made for a fun wedding souvenir to forever cherish this day.

Toasts from Elizabeth & George's family brought smiles, laughter, and even tears of joy. It is so beautiful to not only see two wonderful people in love, but a whole group of family and friends who also love them just as much. Love unites us in the most beautiful ways. 💙

The beautiful night ended on the dance floor. There was a lovely dance from the newly weds, with the parents, and a fun money dance where all the guests had a little solo dance with the bride and groom. The bouquet toss was a success and the dancing was full of energy, especially when George put on the cowboy hat! What a terrific way to end a beautiful day of wedding memories! Next, check out all the fun photobooth moments from this special night.