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Why It Is Important To Book the Same Team for Photo & Video

Updated: Mar 1

Are you planning your wedding or a special event? You might be wondering if you should book with the same team for photo and video, or hire separate vendors for each service. From our experience, we strongly believe that booking the same team for photography and videography has many benefits that can make your special day more memorable and enjoyable. In this blog, we will be talking about why it is important to book the same team for photo and video, why you should book with us, as well as share some galleries and highlights from weddings that we have captured together.

Cohesive Team Chemistry & Clear Communication

When booking the same team for photo and video, you can count on them working as a cohesive team and communicating effectively. From personal experience, our team captures events well together because we have a clear understanding of each other’s roles, expectations, and styles. On top of that, we are easily able to coordinate movements and clearly communicate shots without getting in each other’s way. Booking separate vendors to document your memories can result in unnecessary pressure and tension from who gets to capture the center shot. Having a team that knows how to work well with one another will result in a smoother and more efficient workflow - also making your big day less stressful for you and your guests.

Kirsten + Diego's Beach-side Wedding in San Clemente

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More Consistent Quality & Style

When you book the same team for photography and videography, you can expect a more consistent quality and style across both mediums. This is because they will use the same equipment, lighting, editing software, and techniques to create a consistent look and feel for your special photos and videos.

Marissa + Angelo's Oceanfront Wedding at Occasions at Laguna Village

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More Comprehensive Coverage

When your special day is captured by the same team for photo and video, you will enjoy a more comprehensive coverage of your wedding day. Teams who are familiar with each other and one another’s techniques will be able to cover more angles, moments, and details than separate vendors who might miss or duplicate some shots. Teams of photo and video will also be able to easily share their footage and files with each other, which will allow them to create more diverse and creative products for you, such as slideshows, galleries, highlight reels, etc.

Mia + Logan's Stunning Wedding by the Sea in Redondo Beach at Portofino Hotel & Marina

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More Value for Money

If you book your photo and video with us, you can save 10% on your grand total! This discount will also apply if you choose add-ons such as a photo booth, scrapbook, second shooter, etc. This also means you will only have to deal with one contract, one deposit, one payment, and one point of contact. On top of that, you will avoid paying extra fees or travel expenses for multiple vendors by booking the same team for photo and video.

Akshay + Dhvani's Victoria Beach Wedding by the Sea

In Conclusion...

As you can see, booking with the same team for photography and videography has many advantages that can enhance both your wedding experience and memories. Of course, this option might not suit everyone’s needs and budget, so it is important to do your research and compare different vendors before making a decision. However, if you are looking for a hassle-free, high-quality, and harmonious service for your wedding photo and video, we highly recommend booking the same team for both!

Why Book with Us?

If you are interested in booking the same team for photo and video for your wedding, please contact our team today! We are a professional, experienced, and cohesive team of photographers and videographers who specialize in weddings. Paper Birch Collective is a unique team, because we are more than a cohesive team, we are a family who loves to work together and who always gives our 100% into every special memory we document. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can capture the love and joy in your special moments.

Thank You!

We hope this blog post helps you understand why it’s important to book the same team for photo and video for your wedding. Thank you for reading!


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