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Love for the Ages: The Wedding of Katarina + Seraphim

Updated: Jun 17


Capturing Love: Katarina + Seraphim's Romantic Wedding Day

As a wedding photography team, it is our mission is to capture the essence of wedding memories—all of the dreams, love, and the spontaneous moments of joy. With each click of the shutter, a photo is not only captured; but a piece of your love story is forever preserved. So when you look back on your wedding photo gallery, you and your partner will remember not just how it looked, but how it truly felt to step into the beginning of your forever. Today, we will share some of the special moments from Katarina and Seraphim's beautiful wedding—a day I'll never forget! 🩷

The Church Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are like a tapestry of moments, each thread woven with emotion and light, crafting a story that is both intimate and grand. When it comes to a church wedding ceremony, the narrative deepens with tradition and a sense of timelessness. As a wedding photographer with a background in documentary-style photography, I love capturing special moments just as they happen, preserving the candid charm that makes each memory unique. My approach is to blend into the background like a silent observer, allowing the joy to unfold naturally and documenting all the moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. The church, with its soaring ceilings, vibrant decor, and stained glass windows was a beautiful sanctuary of love on this wedding day. I love how you can feel the love that Katarina and Seraphim share just through the way they look at one another. Just wait until you see the rest of their wedding gallery, especially the golden hour romantic photos! ✨

Golden Hour Love: Romantic Newly Wed Moments

After a beautiful church wedding ceremony, the newly weds had some fun together; the perfect break before partying the night away. If you love golden vibes, you are going to love these next two photo locations! We had a blast capturing newly wed portraits at Quail Hill Trailhead and Newport Beach. I love balancing wedding galleries with a mix of candid/documentary style photos and carefully-curated posed moments, both to capture the essence of the day and all the emotions felt. 📸❤️

📍 Quail Hill Trailhead | Rolling Golden Hills

This is one of my favorite locations for a private and secluded photoshoot. During the spring and rainy season, the trail is blooming with bright yellow flowers and in the dry seasons you can count on golden vibes from the rolling hills. It's a fun little hike, perfect for dreamy and romantic photos!

📍Newport Beach | Beach Views & A Golden Sunset

Next, we made our way to Newport Beach just in time for golden hour (my favorite time of the day). Katarina and Seraphim even brought multiple outfits for this location—their traditional western outfits, their traditional Vietnamese outfits, and their graduation gowns to commemorate another one of their special milestones. The sunset on this day was perfect, giving the most dreamy golden hour lighting. *Cue "golden hour" by JVKE* If you can have a golden hour beach photoshoot on your wedding day, I urge you to please do it—I promise you will not regret it! These magical golden hour photos will forever be some of my all time favorites. 🥺🌅

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A Wedding Reception to Remember: Love, Laughter, and Lifelong Memories

Enchanting Reception Decor

As guests stepped into the wedding reception hall, they were greeted with elegance and charm. The decor was a perfect blend of classic sophistication and a fairytale garden, with stunning floral designs and whimsical details. It was a beautiful reflection of the newly wed's love, creating an ambiance that was both enchanting and inviting. 🩷