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5 Tips for Your Wedding Tea Ceremony

Updated: Mar 4

A wedding tea ceremony is a beautiful and meaningful ritual where newly weds can express their gratitude and respect to their elders as well for the elders and other loved ones to give blessings and gifts to the couple. Our team here at Paper Birch Collective has years of experience documenting a variety of weddings from different cultures, including Chinese Tea Ceremonies and Vietnamese Tea Ceremonies. If you plan on incorporating a wedding tea ceremony in your special day, here are five tips and tricks for your tea ceremony we have learned over the years. We hope these tips are helpful with planning and hosting your wedding tea ceremony!


 Decor inspo at Wedding tea ceremony photo by Paper Birch Collective, Orange County Wedding Photography Videography Team

Tip 1 - Plan With Extra Time in Mind

Wedding tea ceremonies almost always take more time than expected. Our tip for planning is to ensure you have more than enough time by making a time cushion just in case something unexpected happens or the timeline gets behind schedule.

Tip 2 - Expect the Unexpected

Remember that there is no need to fear if (and when) something unexpected happens. Things go wrong all the time with tea ceremonies, weddings (and just life in general), so it's not bad that everything doesn't go exactly to plan. Just go with the flow and remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy your special day!

Tip 3 - Clear Communication With Both Families

Before the start of your wedding tea ceremony, be sure that everyone from both sides of the family is on the same page to ensure a smooth ceremony. For example, share your timeline with all guests participating in the ceremony and ensure everyone knows who needs to speak when. If people are unsure about their roles, this could lead to time wasted trying to sort it out on the spot. Clear communication on both sides of the family will help make your wedding tea ceremony more efficient and timely.

Tip 4 - Give Extra Appreciation to Your Elders

Wedding tea ceremonies are a beautiful symbol of two families uniting and the acceptance of the new family. A lot of the time, the wedding tea ceremony tradition is mostly for the parents and grandparents. So be sure to take extra time to thank and honor your parents and grandparents. This is not only a big day for the newly weds, but a big day for the parents watching their child grow up. Cherish each and every moment, especially with your parents and grandparents.

Tip 5 - Work With an Experienced Photo/Video Team

Hosting a tea ceremony is no easy task as it is a complex and demanding event that may require multiple skills and perspectives. We recommend working with an experienced photography/videography team with expertise in wedding tea ceremonies, that way you can be guided throughout the day if needed. By working with an experienced team, you can enhance both your quality and efficiency while also ensuring stunning gallery of photos and film highlight.

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Your Guide to a Perfect Tea Ceremony

Thanks for Reading! 🤍

Thanks so much for reading our blog. We hope these wedding tea ceremony tip and tricks are helpful. Before we go, we want to add that we also highly encourage couples to book their photography and videography services with the same team because it will make a positive impact on the event and how well your day is captured. Read more about the importance of booking the same team for photography and videography HERE.

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