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Golden Hour Engagement Photo Shoot at Treasure Island Beach - Laguna Beach

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Picture-perfect love captured by Paper Birch Collective


An engagement is an important mark in the start of a new chapter in a couple's life together. Being able to cherish these beautiful moments forever with stunning photographs is a wonderful way to celebrate this relationship milestone. Treasure Island Beach, one of Laguna Beach's many picture perfect spots was an excellent location for an engagement photo shoot. With its fantastic weather and dreamy golden hour lighting, this day felt like a movie. Congrats to the beautiful couple, Kirsten and Diego! 🎉

Overlooking Treasure Island Beach 🌊

Kirsten and Diego began their photo shoot with a gorgeous view overlooking Treasure Island Beach in Laguna Beach. They both look so radiant, especially with the vivid greenery and clear blue sky.

It only gets better with time ⏳

Just like the pictures, this wonderful day just kept getting better and better. These dreamy beach engagement photos beautifully capture the love Kirsten and Diego have for one another. Along with the picturesque couple, Treasure Island Beach, Laguna Beach surely is a California gem and the perfect spot for a photo shoot.

🖤 Embracing simplicity 🤍

These rock formations at Treasure Island Beach, Laguna Beach beautifully frames the couple, emphasizing their love and creating exquisite contrast. The cave-like rocks are one of the major highlights and best picture spots on Treasure Island. Black and white photography has a unique ability to evoke powerful emotions as the lack of color allows us to connect with the subject on a more profound level.

Golden hour kisses 🌞

As the sun began closer to setting on Treasure Island Beach, the golden hour lighting added even more beauty to the engagement photoshoot. The warmth from the golden sunlight also never fails to create a dreamy feel.

Engagement Photography by Paper Birch Collective - Treasure Island Beach Photoshoot - Golden hour

Favorite part of the photoshoot! 🤩

Saving the best for last. Kirsten and Diego were not afraid to get their feet wet! Their willingness to get a little dirty was absolutely worth it. The warm golden hour lighting and the way the calm waves crash at their feet look beautifully magical. What a special way to end a special photoshoot.

👀 Looking for a photographer for your engagement photo shoot?

Contact Paper Birch Collective to let us capture the dreams and joy in your special moments!


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