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Church Ceremony to Lion Dance: A Real Wedding in Photos & Video


Welcome to the magical wedding day of Chris & Tam! A celebration full of special traditions and unforgettable memories. First, a church ceremony, then a reception with a lion dance performance at Royal Restaurant & Banquet. View their wedding video and photos to experience the joy!

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The Wedding of Chris & Tam: Captured with Photo & Video

Chris and Tam’s wedding journey was a vibrant blend of sacred vows and festive activities. Their day began with an intimate ‘first look’ at the church, pre-ceremony romantics, followed by a heartfelt ceremony, newly wed portraits, and photoshoots with family and the wedding party. The Royal Restaurant & Banquet hosted their reception, where elegant decor set the stage for the grand entrance, first dance, and the exciting lion dance. Laughter filled the air during the fun games and lively table greetings. As the night ended with cake cutting, a huge group photo, and dancing, these moments became timeless memories. Watch the wedding video above and explore the photos below to dive deeper into Chris and Tam’s special day!

The First Look

The first look between Chris and Tam was a moment of pure love and excitement. As they stood beneath the warm glow of the sun outside the church where they would soon exchange "I do's", our cameras were there to capture the magic with photography and videography. Tam, the beautiful bride, adorned in her exquisite gown, slowly approached Chris. When they finally turned to face each other, the world seemed to stand still—Chris’s awestruck gaze and Tam’s radiant smile were a silent testament to their love. Our lenses caught it all, preserving the raw emotion of this pre-ceremony moment. These photos and videos are more than mere images; they are part of the visual story of Chris and Tam’s love. Whether in stills or in motion, we love documenting first look moments as they are a cherished chapter in each love story, one that we’re honored to help tell.

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The Pre-Ceremony Romantics

In the tranquil courtyard, Chris and Tam shared some private time together before their church wedding ceremony. Surrounded by modern architecture and under a clear blue sky, they stood face-to-face. Tam's colorful bouquet matched Chris' yellow bow tie beautifully. Captured in photo and video, these romantic moments reflect their deep connection and the beginning of their lifelong commitment. As they gazed into each other’s eyes, you can just feel the love they have for one another. These images will forever remind them of the anticipation and love that filled their hearts just before they walked down the aisle.

Th Church Wedding Ceremony

In the sacred halls of the church, Chris and Tam stood before their loved ones, ready to embark on a lifelong journey together. The ceremony was a beautiful blend of solemn vows and special traditions. As they were pronounced husband and wife, the church filled with joy. The church wedding ceremony was not just an event, but a celebration to Chris and Tam’s love and devotion to each other.

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The Newly Wed Photos

After a stunning church ceremony, Chris and Tam stepped in front of the cameras for their newlywed portraits. Inside the church, the couple posed amidst the grandeur of the altar, their love illuminated by the soft church light. Outside, they were full of joy in their first moments as husband and wife, with the church’s stately architecture providing a meaningful backdrop. The bride’s lace-detailed gown and the groom’s sharp gray suit were complemented by the vibrant bouquet. These portraits, both within the sacred walls and under the open sky, are a beautiful juxtaposition of their love story—intimate and grand, personal and profound. These romantic newly wed photos are a visual reminder of this day’s emotions and the beginning of their forever.

The Wedding Party Photos & Family Photos

Chris and Tam, along with their wedding party, gathered to capture the joy and camaraderie of the day. Inside the church, the altar served as a stunning backdrop for group photos with their newly united family and wedding party. I love taking family photos after the ceremony to capture the warmth and unity of the two families coming together. The bridesmaids in their pink dresses and the groomsmen in grey suits were a great hype team for the happy couple, adding a pop of color and excitement. Outside the church, the wedding party enjoyed a more relaxed atmosphere, where playful poses and candid moments were captured under the clear blue sky. These portraits not only celebrate the individuals who stood by Chris and Tam on their special day but also the collective spirit of love and support that surrounded them. Each photo, a cherished memento, reflects the love and heartfelt emotions that made this wedding truly unforgettable.

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The Wedding Reception at Royal Restaurant & Banquet

The reception at the Royal Restaurant & Banquet was a splendid affair, where elegance met celebration and tradition. Chris and Tam were thrilled to spend some intimate time together before the rest of the guests arrived as they practiced their first dance moves. The grand ballroom, adorned with golden seat covers and white tablecloths gave the space a beautiful charm. In the center, a dance floor awaited the couple’s first steps as newlyweds, surrounded by tables set for a feast. Soft lighting from the chandeliers added a warm glow to the cream walls and ornate columns, creating an inviting ambiance for all the guests. As the evening unfolded, there was music, laughter, and the clinking of glasses, celebrating Chris and Tam’s union. View the stunning photos below and read more about their spectacular reception.

The Grand Entrance

Chris and Tam’s grand entrance at the Royal Restaurant and Banquet was as energetic and lively as can be. As they stepped through the open doorway, the newly married couple radiated happiness. Chris, dapper in his suit and yellow bow tie, raised his arm in triumph, while Tam, glowing in her bridal gown, beamed with joy. The applause and cheers of their guests filled the room, welcoming them into the reception where memories would be made and love would be celebrated. This grand entrance was a fitting prelude to an evening of festivity and a lifetime moments. Scroll through to see the stunning photos of their arrival.

The Newly Weds' First Dance

As Chris and Tam made their grand entrance into the reception, they then flowed seamlessly into their newly weds' first dance. The dance floor, surrounded by their closest friends and family, became their world as they moved together in harmony. Everyone watched and cheered for the newlyweds as they shared this special moment. I love they way they couldn't stop smiling throughout this romantic dance.

The Lion Dance Performance

The lion dance at Chris and Tam’s wedding reception was certainly a highlight of the evening, bringing a burst of color, energy, and culture to the festivities. As the performers in the vibrant red and yellow lion costumes moved to the rhythm of the drums, symbolizing good luck and prosperity, the couple and every guest watched with excitement. The traditional dance, with its elaborate movements and playful interactions, captivated everyone (including our team!) and added a unique cultural touch to the wedding. It was a performance that not only entertained but also honored their Chinese heritage, creating a memorable moment for everyone present.

The Table Greetings & Games

Next, Chris and Tam made their way from table to table, greeting their guests with warmth and gratitude. The couple shared toasts, exchanged hugs, and received gifts, making each guest feel like a special part of their celebration. Table greetings are a great way to add a personal touch for intimate moments amongst all the grand festivities of the day. After greeting everyone, it was time for some games, which was full of laughter and joy.

The Wedding Cake Cutting

The cake cutting ceremony was a sweet highlight of Chris and Tam’s wedding reception. Standing together behind the beautifully decorated cake, they shared the honor of cutting and tasting the first slice. This tradition symbolized their first joint task as a married couple, and the gentle way they offered each other the first bite spoke volumes about their deep care and affection for one another. Tam even helps Chris wipe off the extra cake from his mouth. This moment was filled with smiles and applause, a delightful memory captured in the photos below (and view the highlight video to see even more!).