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A Christmas Poem + Holiday Wishes from the PBC Family

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Paper Birch Collective logo with Santa hat, Orange County Wedding Photographers

On the night before Christmas,

Photography Santa blessed the PBC family with gifts for all...

He brought them cameras, lenses, and lights, to capture the beauty of the season’s fall

He also gave them memory cards, batteries, and bags, to store and protect their precious gear

He gave a massage gun to relieve stress and muscle soreness

He couldn't forget the custom camera strap and an instant film camera to print their fun times

He even threw in some books to inspire and educate them throughout the year

But the best gift of all was not something material, but the feeling of joy and gratitude throughout the office

Cheers to being part of a wonderful team that shares a passion and determination to capture beautiful moments!

They thanked Photography Santa for his generosity and wished him a merry Christmas and a good night Then they went to bed with smiles on their faces, dreaming of the photos they would take in the morning light.

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays from our PBC family to your family!

Christmas holiday decorating and shopping with Paper Birch Collective, Best Orange County Wedding Photo/Video Team

P.S. Check This Out

Watch us shop + decorate the PBC office for the holiday season > HERE

(spoiler: it's AWESOME)


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