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Photo Competition to find the KING of Landscape Photography

The Paper Birch Collective takes a trip to the beautiful Yosemite National Park in order to duke it out head to head and find out who is the best at landscape photography!

The rules are simple: after a long day of shooting, Alvis, Alex, Davin, and Norbert are given 30 min to cull, edit, and produce two top tier landscape images to be judged by Dorthy and Michelle; loser has to jump into the snow shirtless!

After all the excitement, Alvis and Norbert were crowned the winners of the competition with a close call between Alex's #1 Blue Photo and Norbert's #1 Purple Photo with Purple pulling ahead by the skin of its teeth!

Check out the full video for all the excitement!

Alex Entry #1

Alvis Entry 1

Alvis Entry #2

Norbert Entry #1

Davin's Demon Entry #1

Norbert Entry #2

Alex Entry #2

Davin Entry #2

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